Chrome Extension

Save your wishes from around the web with one easy click

Visit your favorite online retailers

Look for items in the same when you would any other day.

Find the exact items you want

Search until you find the exact item and look until you find it.

Click the All I Wish Is button

When you hit this button and a window will appear. Pick which wishlist you would like the place the item into.

Visit to see your items

If you want to see all your items at a later time, come back to All I Wish Is and check out your wishlists.

See the item in your wishlist

Now that the item has been added, you can share it or buy it for yourself.

Get The Extension

The All I Wish Is extension is currently in a beta testing phase. We are still improving its functionality and will be introducing further improvements as we go along. We are always looking for feedback. Please send your suggestions and thoughts to