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What is All I Wish Is?

All I Wish Is, a FREE social wishlist website, has been designed to not only solve a problem, but to be a fun, easy way to connect with your loved ones. Easily create your own wishlists for various occasions (birthdays, Christmas, graduation, wedding registry) and pick the exact item you want, down to the colour and size.

The site makes it easy for you to share these wishlists with your friends and family, and for them to purchase items with a few clicks of their mouse, or taps of their finger. Anyone can use All I Wish Is, at any time. This site is built for all ages, from your youngest daughter creating her Frozen birthday wishlist, to your dad who wants a specific tool for his workshop. The site makes it easy for you to both give the perfect gift, and receive the items you really wish for.

How does it work?

When to use All I Wish Is

Gift Registries

Wedding GiftPlanning a wedding can be a lot of work. But at the end of the day, it should be a fun and exciting experience. By using All I Wish Is, you can create a registry consisting of multiple retailers, instead of being limited one department store. This way you can pick and choose the exact gifts you want from numerous retailers, as opposed to being forced to settle for things you don’t want. Not only is it perfectly suited for weddings, but ideal for creating wishlists for baby showers, bachelorette parties, or anything else in between.


gift-ideas-for-brothersThe Christmas season is full of gift giving and receiving. It’s a joyful time of year. But you know what’s not joyful? Getting a bad gift. Next time December rolls around, get your whole family using All I Wish Is. That way everyone can check out each other’s lists and find the best gift for the lowest price. Don’t limit yourself to just Christmas. Feel free to use the app for every other special occasion that entails gift giving. Maybe then your mother will actually use the gift you get her for Mother’s Day.


birthdayDo you have a birthday coming up? What about your boyfriend? How about your 97 year old grandma? Maybe even your dog? Well then it’s time to make a wishlist with All I Wish Is. Ummm, except maybe for those last two. The internet is a bit beyond their reach. Simply start searching for the items you want and place them into your birthday wishlist. Share it with your friends and you’re guaranteed to get the gift you actually want.

Anywhere Else!

giftThe beauty of this tool is its versatility. Because it has so many available gift options you can use it for any and every gifting possibility. So whether it’s an office party, graduation wishlist, Secret Santa, or going away celebration, All I Wish Is will make sure everyone gets exactly what they want no matter how unique their interests.

Let’s start wishing!

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